The Power of One


Have you seen this cool little buggy around town? On summer weekends you can regularly catch a glimpse of it buzzing around the hills and roaming through downtown carrying happy passengers about Stillwater. Gary Elert and his wife Kit have lived in downtown for 25 years and their frequent travels result in regular exposure to […]

Potters Without Kilns


By Marjorie Wade These kilns have a voice and a story to tell. Come be a part of the next chapter… To the casual observer an old kiln may look like nothing more than a stack of old bricks. There are many people though, who feel these old kilns have a voice – if only […]

American Ceramic Master


By Heather Rutledge Does coffee taste better out of a handmade mug? Probably not, but it makes your morning coffee more special. Does the potter’s touch in your serving bowl change the salad? No, but it changes your experience of the meal. Pottery infuses art into the everyday. “There’s almost no art you can imagine […]

Save Your Back, Help the Community

Deadline is October 15th

Have water softener salt and sidewalk or driveway ice melt salt delivered to your home. If you live within the boundaries of the Stillwater school district, you can have as many bags of salt as you want (priced at standard retail prices) delivered to your home for a $5 delivery fee. All of us know […]

Telling Stories with Bears


Sue Rowe’s Unique Inspiration On Display An artist’s creation is an aggregate of many things – talent, training, inspiration, environment and life experience – that all play a part in the end result. For Stillwater artist Sue Rowe, this culmination comes to fruition in the form of bears. Originally from the small town of Gurney […]

Missionvale Garden Club

web_farming-study abroad-0714

This is the fourth entry of Emily Gould’s journal written while studying in South Africa. I used to see my parents work for hours in our home garden for hours and think that nothing could be more tedious or pointless. Little did I know that one day I would be working in a garden and […]

Fun Art


It’s pretty typical that sometime during the month of July parents across the country collectively wish school would start again, especially on rainy or foul weather days. The real shame in this scenario is that the kids could be happily engaged in some sort of creative endeavor that does not include cutting holes in your […]

Friday Study Club Hits Milestone


Last month the ladies of the Friday Study Club gathered for their annual picnic and to celebrate a significant milestone – the club’s 90th birthday. Initially, this group of progressive women gathered to study something other than housekeeping and diapers as a chapter of the Delphian Society which is a national women’s club. Our local […]

The Barns of Lost Creek – A Return to Simpler Times


By Jim Reynolds The Barns of Lost Creek is a 40 acre farm in western Wisconsin, near Ellsworth. This exciting and unique new farm wedding venue offers a lovely, rustic environment for wedding ceremonies and receptions. The obvious centerpiece is the large beautiful barn, a majestic creature that looms large over the rest of the […]